Retreats Vision

Our vision comes via Beverley McNeill, the co-creator and guardian of Morningstar Retreats. She is pleased and proud to present to you this beautiful land, located just 3 minutes west of Kinosoo Beach, bordering Cold Lake reserve lands on the north side.

Beverley loves to share what prompted her to hold this space for retreats. 21 years ago, God gave her a vision of  “A time in which great change and chaos on Earth was coming”.  She was inspired to build a place of refuge and regeneration for spirit-filled people, to help them build their faith and navigate through these challenging times.

God also gave Beverley the endurance and fortitude to create every building and utility service on the 162 acres of horse pasture.  She has many inspiring stories to share about the adventures along the way!

Our Vision - Beverley McNeill
About three years after purchasing this land with Gods guidance and grace, and after building the first of many cabins, Alex Janvier came to visit and shared the healing history of the land and its occupants:
The land originally belonged to Alex’s Dene tribe; in fact, to his great grandfather Pascal Weaseltooth, who held the space for healing and ceremony. At treaty time, the tribe decided to give up this piece of land, and some parts south, which was in exchange for land to the north, closer to the lake.
The government allowed Pascal to live out his time on the land before they took it back to be resettled.
Since then, the area was used for horse pasture and a small oil lease at the south east end of it (another story to share of “how come the oil lease is now gone”…).
Alex , who became a cherished friend, says he is pleased with the way Beverley has respected the land and left it as natural as possible; creating around forest and wetlands, and adding 100’s of new starter trees.  Together they spent many evenings drinking tea and “laughing about nothing” as he says.  Bev recounts fondly: “We find places we differ, places we agree, and places we can solve all the world’s problems together.”
Beverley is often called a “Space Holder”,  and a “keeper of the fire that inspires life and connection to the God in all living things”.
She is often heard to say that “I am just one of many of you, devoted to creating Gods kingdom on this Earth and to support our journey beyond.”
Teamed up with her brother Malcolm, soul sisters Frieda and Tracy, they create an atmosphere of acceptance, laughter and love for souls to renew their sacred connection to life and God.
We invite you to join us for a retreat, whether it be family, friends, congregations or teammates; we will be honored to serve you.
– Beverley, Malcolm, Freida, Tracy

Our 6 R's of wellness:

Rest, Restore, Renew, Reflect, Reconnect, and Reset.